We have a popular bundle of services called the Premium Lawn Care Package.  

First pick either our Organic Based Blended Program or our Organic/Natural Program then add Grub Control, Core Aeration and Overseeding.

Organic Based Blended Program: This is our most popular program… about 85% of our customers use this one.  It includes lots of organic fertilizer, a little bit of slow release fertilizer, some weed control and crabgrass control.

Organic/Natural Program: This program is great for those that want a beautiful lawn but it does not include any weed control or crabgrass control.  Some of our customers are ok with having some weeds in their lawn but when we get your lawn thick, healthy and beautiful the weeds will be crowded out over time.  Many start off with our Organic Based Blended Program then switch to our Organic/Natural Program down the road.

Not sure which program to pick?  If you want weed control pick the Organic Based Blended Program

Many start with our Organic Based Blended Program and switch down the road to our Organic/Natural Program.  Some have us do the Organic Based Blended Program in front and the Organic/Natural Program in back.

Grub Control:  We offer Grub Control to help protect our lawns from Grub damage.  Grubs can do a lot of damage to lawns plus skunks and raccoons come out at night looking for Grubs.  Why not protect your lawn from damage?  Have this done early in the season to prevent damage.

Core Aeration and Overseeding: We Core Aerate and Overseed lawns in the spring and fall.  This loosens up the soil to allow water and nutrients to flow through the soil and deeper down into the soil.  This will thicken up your lawn too.

Not sure which services to add?  If you are worried about Grubs and Grub damage then we recommend having Grub Control applied.

Is your lawn thin?  If you have some bare spots and want it thicker then we recommend Core Aeration and Overseeding.

Mosquito Control: We offer monthly Mosquito Control to help keep those pests away from your living area.  We focus around patios, decks, front porches and areas where mosquitoes like to hang out.

Organic Tree and Shrub Fertilizer:  We have an amazing mixture of Compost Tea (full of micro organisms), Kelp (full of important minerals), Folic Acid, Humic Acid and Amino Acid and SUPERthrive (important vitamins for plants).  We offer 5 visits per season to keep things growing nice and healthy.  We will inspect for insects and disease issues and can notify you if we see anything out of the ordinary that you should know about.